I am a Bulgarian native speaker, I live in Bulgaria and I translate into my native language only. My language pairs are English–Bulgarian, Spanish–Bulgarian and French–Bulgarian. I started translating professionally in 2001.

I am best in:
  • Product descriptions
  • Internal standards
  • User manuals and technical specifications
  • Financial reports
  • Contracts
  • Websites
  • Brochures, marketing and advertising materials
  • Press releases and articles
  • Menus and recipes
Major fields of specialization:
  • Hospitality, Tourism & Travel
  • Food & Drink, Cooking & Culinary
  • Wine/Oenology/Viticulture
  • Speleology
  • Law
  • Business and Commerce
  • Economics and Finance
  • Computers (general)
I translate:
  • Arts & Crafts
  • History, Geography, Culture & Religion
  • Furniture/Household appliances
  • Real Estate
  • Technology (general)
  • Marketing, Advertising & Public Relations
  • Environment & Ecology
I do NOT translate:
  • Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, etc.
  • Poetry and Literature
  • Medical (except for some very general non-specialised texts) and Pharmaceuticals
  • Certificates, Diplomas, Licences and/or CVs
  • Games
  • Military/Defence
  • Music
  • Sports


Simultaneous and/or short consecutive interpretation during business meetings and similar events.

I took specialised courses in interpretation at Marianna Hill’s Interpretorium and at Instituto Cervantes in Sofia.



My first serious copywriting project was the The Best of Bulgaria app. The application is completely bilingual – Bulgarian/English – and is aimed at Bulgarians living abroad and foreigners interested in Bulgaria, its culture and people. What fascinated me about that project was that I could invest all my passion and knowledge about my country and share it with the world.

The app can be downloaded for free here:


Tour guiding

I am a certified tour guide in Bulgaria and tour leader abroad for Bulgarian, English and Spanish. I also am member of the Association of Bulgarian Tour Guides. I am registered in the Register of Tour Guides, Mountain Guides and Ski Instructors of the Ministry of Tourism of Bulgaria under number E-00955.

With a BA and MA in Tourism and as a passionate traveller, I know what travelling is all about. I prefer working with individual tourists and small groups rather than larger ones. This allows me to focus on the interests of the individual tourists. Tailor-made guided tours based on your interests can be requested in advance. Researching the specific topic allows me to provide the information you most appreciate. Regardless of whether it is history, culture, cuisine, art or any other topic. If I feel I cannot provide the required information, I will let you know or I will refer you to a colleague, if available. I will waste neither your time, nor mine: I want you to keep memorable experiences from your trip to Bulgaria and abroad, to make it so memorable you want to come back again and you tell your friends about my country.