I was born in Bulgaria. I am Bulgarian. I am proud to be Bulgarian. One of the best things of being Bulgarian is having mastered one of the most difficult languages in the world. I dare to say I master Bulgarian not only because my writing is virtually error-free, but also because I am very familiar with the local language, culture and traditions. I travelled extensively within the country (and abroad) and I would love to guide you through Bulgaria, either as a tour guide or a translator/interpreter!

Why visit Bulgaria?

Because of its immense cultural heritage. Because it is the oldest state in Europe, and its name has remained unchanged since it was established. Because of the changes it underwent over the centuries. Because of the mistakes made, and the lessons (never) learned. Because of all the vicissitudes it has been through, because of all the hardship it went through. Because of its specific language. Because it has its own alphabet which reflects the Bulgarian sound system. Because of the lively and varied folk dances. Because of the simple, but delicious food. Because of its high-quality wines. Because of the charming mixture of orthodox Christianity and pagan rites. Because of its beautiful natural areas. Because of its stupendous caves. Because of the wide array of crafts that are practiced. Because of the Bulgarians. In short, because this is a wonderful country.